The commercial acquisition process can be complex and fraught with challenges from the beginning. It is difficult to identify qualified properties, manage the transaction and successfully close. Our RE/MAX Commercial Practitioner is qualified to handle deal structure, due diligence, financial underwriting and transactional processing, which are all critical elements of the acquisition process.

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Market analysis and property/site selection:

  • Determining client’s needs
  • Providing relevant information about the current real estate market and business environment
  • Preparing final acquisition strategy
  • Systematic and proactive site selection / property search in line with client’s instructions
  • Preparing a shortlist of suitable properties


Property due-dilligence and preparation of bids

  • Establishing contacts with property owners
  • Site visit and inspection
  • Financial, technical, legal and tax due diligence of the property
  • For land plots: zoning due diligence, analysis of possible land use
  • Advise on the real estate value, based on comparable real estate and/or future cash flows
  • Support and assistance in negotiations with property owners
  • Assistance in preparing bids


Negotiations and closing

  • Support and Assistance in negotiating the sales contract, legal and if necessary tax advise
  • Assistance in handing over the property to the buyer
  • Support and advice in administrative procedures
  • Assistance in financial underwriting

In the transaction we represent exclusively your interests as the investor.

Our advantages are: